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‘Feels Like’ It Always Does in August

August 8th, 2014 · No Comments · Abu Dhabi

Apparently, I am a goldfish in the bowl of life.

For weeks now I have been thinking about how this summer in Abu Dhabi (our fifth) has to be the hottest yet.

Day after hot and sweaty day. With some days seeming to push the bounds of “this could kill someone out in it too long”. Where it is so unpleasant out of doors that it feels positively unhealthy.

Turns out … this is pretty much what we have gone through every year — and apparently have chosen to block it out.

Or, my approach to circling around the calendar is just like a goldfish — thought by some scientists to never figure out it is seeing the same fake plants and toy sunken ship it saw on the last lap.

Here is the evidence.

Little more than a year ago, I wrote about the “feels like” phenomenon. That Abu Dhabi heat is particularly brutal because of the humidity that often accompanies the hottest months, July and August.

Turns out that the the numbers today — and those of last year — are essentially identical.

Temperature of 101 Fahrenheit … which “feels like” 129.

Both today, and then.

(What does 129 “feel like”? Like you’re in an open-air sauna. Like your lungs may stop working. It feels as if you’re taking in breaths of water, too, and it leads me to wonder if a fish, pulled out of the sea here, might be able to survive longer because the air is so wet.)

It was in August of 2012, almost two years ago, that I wrote something rather similar — with a few extra facts on how 129 Fahrenheit is 60.1 percent on the way to boiling and 28.6 percent of the way to Fahrenheit 451, when paper ignites.

Though, as I noted two years back, paper here might be too soggy to catch fire right off.

And in October of 2010, from the vantage point of Paris, I noted how it was still quite warm in Abu Dhabi (highs still around 100) while we were enjoying temps about 40 degrees south of that, in France.

So, yes, about this time pretty much every year I reach the point where the weather makes such a strong impression on me that I feel compelled to write about it.



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