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So Much for My Weasel-y System

March 19th, 2010 · No Comments · Abu Dhabi, Basketball

For those of you waiting with bated breath for how I made my NCAA Tournament picks …

After mulling this for, oh, five minutes two days ago, I went with the most weasel-y way of all:

I picked the higher seeded teams all the way to the final, with Kansas winning.

No. Not much fun in picking 63 favorites. Not much sport, either.

But I don’t recall ever winning an NCAA pool. Never. And in all those other years I thought I knew something about many of the teams.

So this time … I conceded I knew nearly nothing about anybody, Abu Dhabi not being much of a college basketball hotbed … and picked the higher seed.

So, how is it working out?

Seems like I’m getting what I deserve. Only nine of the 16 higher seeds won on Thursday. Meanwhile,  someone else in my pool got 14 out of 16 right, on Day 1, which is incredible. That means he picked at least five of the seven upsets. How did he know?

I, meanwhile, need the most formful NCAA Tournament in history (from here on out) to give me a chance to win. (Assuming someone else didn’t do the same thing … but we have a tiebreaker: total points in the title game, and I have 150.)

And the most formful NCAA Tournament also would be the dullest.

Luckily for the rest of you, it hasn’t turned out that way. As my Day 1 results demonstrated. Actually, the first few hours of the tournament were crazy. BYU in double overtime over Florida. Villanova over Robert Morris in OT. And Old Dominion by one over Notre Dame. The first three games in, as I recall.

Actually, this system is kind of a “best of both worlds” thing. If we have a boring tournament … I win! If it turns into a madcap tourney, with upsets up and down the line … I lose (as usual) — but I enjoy the chaos from a distance!

Today has been a bit more formful, so far, with “my” teams winning six of eight, so far.

Maybe we’ve had enough upsets for this year, and the higher seed can win from here on out, and see if it’s enough to make my “robot” picks good enough to catch the 14-2 inspired prognosticator who is currently leading the Abu Dhabi Ballers III standings.


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