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Not All Awful Mugshots Are Taken in Police Stations

May 31st, 2017 · No Comments · France, Golf

No one looks good in the “booking” mugshot. Well, except for this guy.

The booking photo taken at the police station is the one you do not want anyone to see. As Tiger Woods can attest to, this week, after his arrest for “driving under the influence”, in Florida.

It looks like he is having trouble focusing his eyes. Untrimmed facial hair generally is not a good look for any of us. And the thinning hair of a 41-year-old man …

It certainly falls under the heading of adding insult to injury. Everyone knows he was arrested … and then the booking photo shows up.

Most everyone looks disheveled in the booking photo and, well, guilty of something. At the least, of bad grooming. Even celebrities. Or especially celebrities.

And then I thought of another agency that prints really bad mugshots … and makes a person carry them around.

That would be the French government.

Expecting and acknowledging you will have a horrible mugshot on your government ID is just how it works in France.

The instructions for taking said photo are very specific. No smiling. No hats. Ears and chin must be included in the photo. No hats. No glasses. No smiling.

No dignity.

At this moment I have two official French cards in my wallet, one slightly different from the other, and both make me look like a degenerate.

One is my long-stay visa. The other is my driver’s license. And in case I ever forget how awful I can look, even when not under the influence …

Well, Tiger, at least you were not arrested in France.



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