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It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Fight Night

August 25th, 2017 · No Comments · Boxing

Full credit to the author of that headline — which was used as the “lede” (the opening paragraph) in her newspaper story.

Bravo, Shannon O’Connor of Southern California News Group.

She has the story on a funky little place in the San Bernardino (California) Mountains, formerly known as Santa’s Village, now called “Sky Park at Santa’s Village”, which not only doubles as the North Pole, it also is screening the Floyd Mayweather-Conor McGregor fight tomorrow night.

A place built around Santa that is showing two people trying to beat each other senseless?

Well, it does sound a bit like a Black Friday Christmas-shopping scrum.

Generally speaking, however, we expect goodness and light when we think of Kris Kringle. And a big, white beard — not that nasty 19th century/hipster growth McGregor will drag into the ring in Las Vegas.

What seems to be going on here is the revamped and re-opened Santa’s Village (uh, Sky Park), which seems to have changed the original, ride-oriented theme park into an outdoorsy participatory place,

Showing the fight probably is meant to broaden the commercial appeal of the place. A little train for tots probably does not have the revenue upside of a beer-drinking fight crowd.

(Assuming the place has a license to sell beer, that is.)

An added attraction? Santa’s Village is charging only $20 per admission for the Money Fight, which makes seeing the fisticuffs there a bargain for single guys or one guy and his buddy — given that organizers of the fight are charging $99 to get pay-per-view in your home.

Sky Park/Santa’s Village claims to be the only commercial establishment in the San Bernardino Mountains that will be showing the fight.

That allows fans who live up on the hill to see the fight and make a short drive home, through the fragrant pines, rather than go down the hill and face a half-hour drive back home.

I wonder if the park will somehow package Santa with the fight, having a guy in a red suit sitting in a corner, ready to dandle on his knee adults who have brought along the Christmas wish lists.

It seems like a good idea. If I lived in that part of the mountains — and I did for three months about 30 years ago — and had a weakness for noisy but pointless spectacle … I’d go to Santa’s Village to spend my money and buy a beer or two.

Also might be interesting to have Santa watch the fight and let us know who is naughty and who is nice.








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