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Too Much of a Good Thing? Uh, Yeah

February 22nd, 2018 · No Comments · Uncategorized

What’s better than a Snickers bar, in all its chocolate-caramel-peanutty goodness?

Two of them! Or should it be three?

And what is better yet? The ultimate Snickers bar!

That would be the one seen above — one full pound of Snickers that the Mars company prefers to call the Slice ‘n Share bar.

It recommends that the owner of the bar cut it into nice pieces (of close to normal, 240-calorie Snickers size) to be consumed individually — over the course of weeks or with, say, eight friends right this minute.

I received one as a gift from a relative, and until the moment I did not know Snickers made bars that large. But, apparently, it has been doing so since 2011.

The One-Pounder is an impressive thing. To hold it is to think in terms of a cudgel. You could kill a man with a one-pound Snickers bar.

(And not just by making him eat it.)

A few thwacks would do the trick.

In a country where overindulging is a sport — check the video of the dopey dude trying to eat the whole of a one-pounder — this would seem to be a sure-fire hit.

But ultimately it is more likely to be a curiosity.

Who is ready to carve up a candy bar? How would it be sliced without making a mess? Who carries a knife with their Snickers? Just in case you get hold of a One-Pounder?

It is fun, it is interesting, but it is not practical. It works best for the guy who has everything — including individual Snickers bars he can eat without bringing out the hacksaw for the One-Pounder.


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