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The Saturn Peaches Are Here, Jerry!

August 6th, 2014 · No Comments · UAE


Clearly, the Mackinaw Peach episode of Seinfeld made an impression on me. I made reference to it in this post, only five months back.

But this time we’re actually talking about peaches!

Particularly good peaches. And a good peach is something exquisite, indeed.

They appear to be called “Angeer” peaches here in the UAE, but appear to be a variety no different than those known by more prosaic names: Saturn peaches or doughnut peaches even UFO peaches.

Those names come from the shape of the fruit: Flat and round. Like a tire, with the pit in the center.

And apparently they have been a thing for a few years now … and I am only catching up to it, which is about what you would expect from an old person.

We had a few earlier this year, but they were quite small and unremarkable. Only their shape recommended them.

This batch is quite a bit bigger, as well as meatier and sweeter.

They are at least three inches across and about an inch deep, and were grown in Tunisia.

LuLu insists on calling then “Angeer” peaches, which I thought might be some sort of garbled version of “Algeria” — which is next door to Tunisia. But “anjeer” (usually rendered with the J) is the Urdu word for fig. It probably is the Arabic word for it, too.

This is not a fig. It is a peach (with fuzz, and white meat) that happens to be flat.

And exquisite.

When I had one of these, I immediately thought of Cosmo Kramer. “It’s like a circus in your mouth!”

Apparently, they have been grown for hundreds of years, originally in China (thought to be the home of the peach) … and they are excellent. Not only wonderful to eat, but neater, too, because you just nibble around the pit, with minimum mess.

I hope their availability lasts longer than two weeks. That was all the time the mythical Mackinaws were on the market.

The Saturn peach. Have one!



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