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Drones and Their Natural Enemies: Birds of Prey

December 18th, 2015 · No Comments · Dubai, The National


Turn the birds of prey loose on them!

This became a local story, in Dubai, when someone’s drone, hovering over Jumeirah Park, was brought down by a falcon, as explained in this story in The National.

A Polish expat, who witnessed the falcon attack, got a photo of the falcon perched atop its victim, after it fell into a woman’s garden, a drone the bird may have mistaken for prey.

Or, the story notes, the falcon may have associated the drone with food, a not-unreasonable expectation given that falcons — enormously popular with Emiratis and considered a key element in their culture — now apparently are trained to find meat being carried by drones.

The additional fun with this story?

At the bottom of the link, above, are two embedded videos showing raptors taking down drones.

One is an eagle, in Australia, and the second is a hawk, in Massachusetts.

Drones are considered by many to be fun toys, but others believe them to be menaces to aviation and tools for spying from the sky.

If you fall into the latter camp, these three instances of birds knocking down drones will perhaps make you feel good about nature’s original flying predators.


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