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Offering Dodgers Options for Explaining DL Moves

August 23rd, 2018 · 1 Comment · Uncategorized

Its a “thing”. The Los Angeles Dodgers are one of those teams … and perhaps the ultimate example of that sort of club … in “working” the disabled list.

Basically, they have a pool of 10-15 relief pitchers and now, in the second year of the 10-day disabled list, the club moves those 10-15 guys around like they were inanimate objects.

Here is the latest: JT Chargois to the DL with a “nerve irritation” (a condition endemic to Dodgers fans, now that their team is fading out of the playoffs chase), and Pat Venditte, the ambidextrous reliever who has trouble getting outs no matter which arm he throws with, is back with the big club for the EIGHTH time this season.

Anyway, when the Dodgers stash a guy on the DL, they must (or perhaps they just feel a need) to explain themselves.

I follow this stuff, and it is silly to see what seems like almost daily moves and injuries. (And has to be difficult on all those guys riding the Los Angeles/Oklahoma City Triple-A shuttle.)

I see a way, I think, to help the Dodgers avoid using the same old list of alleged injuries (“oblique”, anyone?) — by assembling a list of injuries and illnesses perhaps they have not gotten around to using. To help create a veneer of cover to what otherwise look a lot like a team just gaming the system.

Their relievers, in particular, cannot get anyone out, as fans can attest: When Kenley Jansen came back from his irregular heartbeat, he quickly became the seventh Dodgers reliever to take a loss since Jansen first noted symptoms two weeks ago in Colorado.

Jansen? He has a real situation, and a serious one.

Some of the others? Don’t feel legit. Sounds kinda made up.

So, how about some fresh reasons the Dodgers can use when sending Pedro Baez or Chargois, or whomever, to the minors and recalling John Axford, or whomever?

Our suggestions …

–Toe cramp! (Sometimes known as Li’l Piggy pull.)

–Whooping cough!




–Second-degree sunburn!


–Osgood-Schlatter disease. (This has to do with knee tendons, and would almost sound legit, if they used it.)


–Migraines! (Oh, they already use this one? Never mind.)


–General soreness! (Doh! Another that has been used by the Dodgers, the description of why Mike Marshall was unavailable to play in a game some 25 years ago. Wags declared that the whirlpool machine could have been renamed the USS Marshall.)

–Ear ache!

–Post-nasal drip!


–Athlete’s foot! (Certainly believable; showers, and all.)

–Soft-tissue back injury! (The goldbricker’s best friend.)

–General malaise. (Could apply to most of the team just now.)

Munchausen syndrome by proxy! Agent: “My client clearly is suffering from something dire and mysterious, and I gave him an elixir of eye-of-newt and black mushrooms last night.” Dodgers: “We were going to send him to OKC anyway … and call up Pat Venditte.”


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  • 1 Gene Hiigel // Aug 23, 2018 at 7:38 PM

    They could follow the lead of the Mets and Yankees who each had a pitcher sent to the DL with hand, foot and mouth disease (coxsackie virus), a disease of 5 year olds. Noah Syndergaard of the Mets and J.A. Happ of the Yankees were clearly not sent to the DL for Dodger-like reasons though as both are effective starters (though I suppose that whether anyone or anything is important in reference to the Mets is a legitimate question).

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