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Modern Nativity = A Very Hipster Christmas

December 3rd, 2016 · No Comments · Uncategorized

Pretty much had to happen.

Someone is selling a hipster nativity scene. Have a look.

For $129.99 a San Diego-based company named Modern Nativity will sell you their take on a hipster update of the birth of Jesus.

It has gotten Modern Nativity a lot of attention in the media. Including the San Diego Union Tribune asking: “Is this Modern Nativity scene trolling Christmas or hipsters?”

I’m thinking it is more of the latter. Having fun with hipsters has become a sort of national pastime, in the U.S.

Let’s look at the descriptions of the characters, straight from the Modern Nativity website.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph

“If you’ve ever wondered what the very first family Christmas photo looked like, wonder no longer. Fresh off a Whole Foods shopping spree, Joseph is rocking his man bun and finest denim shirt, while Mary shows off her high cheek bones with her best duck face.”

Baby Jesus is just chilling.

The Wise Men

“It’s crazy to think that the Wise Men followed a star in the sky to find Jesus, rather than using Google Maps, but who are we to judge? These Wise Men arrive to the birth of Jesus in style, rocking their favorite hipster outfits, and tricked out segway.”

Shepherd and Animals

“It wouldn’t be a modern day birth if at least one person wasn’t putting it on Instagram, and luckily, our teenage shepherd has it covered #babyjesus #nofilter. Next to him are some well taken care of animals.”


“It may not be the Ritz Carlton, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have some cool amenities. Actually, all it has is a solar-powered roof, but at least they’re helping to solve global warming.”

And like that.

At this point in history, I have no problem with any nativity scene. Maybe a few people will buy one and wonder who’s who and what’s what, or friends might drop by and ask about it.

Doesn’t hurt to know some of the background of one of the biggest holidays of the world’s biggest religion.



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