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Dodgers Should Not Celebrate the NL Pennant

March 2nd, 2018 · No Comments · Baseball, Dodgers

Take a look at this headline, from the Los Angeles Dodgers media release today. See what you think.


My reaction?

The Dodgers do not celebrate National League pennants.

Not unless last year was 1900 or earlier (before the American League existed), and the National League was the pinnacle of baseball.

What a “pennant celebration” says to me is … “we lost in the World Series. We did not finish the job.”

Which is not something that the Dodgers or their fans should be bragging about. Or even thinking about.

Do you think any of the Dodgers will take that “silver medal” of Major League Baseball and slip it on their ring finger — to make sure everyone knows they were the championship team of half of baseball?

While the Houston Astros are championships of ALL of MLB?

No way. The Dodgers won’t throw that ring in the trash, but they are not going to wear it, either. Because it reminds them (and us) of the World Series failure.

The Dodgers are not the Yankees (27 championships) or even the Cardinals (11), when it comes to winning the World Series.

But the Dodgers have been champions of everyone six times, which is not bad. In fact, only five teams have won more World Series. (The two teams mentioned above, the Athletics, the Giants (ugh) and the Red Sox.)

A celebration of a National League pennant? That is for the Washington Nationals or the Brewers or Padres — teams that have never taken that last step. Teams 0-for-the-World Series.

The Dodgers are celebrating falling short. One painful game short. That is not something to hang your hat on. That is not something to celebrate in the third game of the season — with the Giants in the other dugout.

I am a bit surprised that the Dodgers do not realize this, that they choose not to think about what could have been, last season, maybe should have been. Winning 104 games, winning two playoffs series — nice stuff, but not what really matters.

Hey, Dodgers: Have a ring celebration — when you have World Series rings to hand out.



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