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Dodgers GM and Fantasy Football

February 24th, 2018 · No Comments · Baseball, Dodgers

The Los Angeles Times has done a fun story on Farhan Zaidi, the Los Angeles Dodgers’ general manager, who apparently is a fantasy football whiz.

To the point that he has won the past three championships of the club’s fantasy league — which also perfectly reflects the length of time Zaidi has been in a league run by the club’s players, including Clayton Kershaw and Justin Turner.

The players are becoming agitated at Zaidi’s dominance, given that the Pakistani-Canadian executive has little or no background in American football.

They are trying to figure out how he keeps sweeping through the league and have changed at least one rule after Zaidi declined to draft a kicker or a defense — “as any self-respecting fantasy football owner would do, until rules dictate otherwise”, he said.

(Note to self: Hmm.)

Now Zaidi has to take at least one of each on draft night — and then immediately dumps them.

That is all well and good, the data guy blitzing the players.

But Dodgers fans certainly would prefer if Zaidi had seen to it that the baseball club was as brilliantly run in 2017 as his football club.

To wit:

Leaving pitcher Yu Darvish to spend the rest of the 2017 season in Texas — or with any other club that was not the Dodgers.

Darvish, every Dodgers fan will recall, absorbed two defeats in the World Series, lasting only 1.2 innings twice.

In other words, the Dodgers were 3-2 in the 2017 World Series — when Darvish was not pitching. They were 0-2 when Darvish pitched.

Where was the data genius when the club traded for Darvish and set up the rotation so that Darvish would pitch Game 7, against the Astros?

It could be that other voices in the Dodgers organization, including club president Andrew Friedman, were behind the Darvish decision.

But it is hard to imagine the deal went down without Zaidi weighing in on it.

Darvish did not lose the 2017 World Series by himself … but he sure as heck came closer to doing so than anyone else on the roster.

So, end of story, let’s remember that Dodgers fans would prefer to see Zaidi walking away as champion in his real job, in the major leagues.

As opposed to his football fantasy competition.



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