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David Price: Struck Down by Video Game Habit?

May 11th, 2018 · No Comments · Baseball

David Price is a left-handed pitcher and former Cy Young Award winner who is in Year 3 of a $215 million contract with the Boston Red Sox.

Unfortunately, he cannot pitch at the moment, due to pain in his left wrist, and when he had a doctor look at it, the doc had an interesting diagnosis:

Price is suffering from carpal-tunnel syndrome, which leads to pain in the wrist, often quite serious pain, for those who come down with it. And who are those people?

Often, people who use keyboards for their jobs.

Or people who play a lot of video games, which call for heavy use of wrists and fingers and thumbs.

Price, turns out, spends hours and hours and hours playing video games.

However, he said he does not ascribe his carpal tunnel to all that time playing video games — and in particular one named Fortnite — but for the sake of appearances he said he will give up playing his video games in the clubhouse.

I am a decade or two too old to have been swept up by the video game world, but I played Super Mario Bros. for a while, when my son was the primary user of the Nintendo we set up in a spare bedroom.

I played often enough that I could beat the game in 13 minutes. Which is pretty good.

But I got that fast at it by playing Super Mario a lot for a compressed period of time and, guess what: My wrists and thumbs began to go numb.

Like, say, the wrist and fingers of Fortnite fanatic David Price.

Price scoffs at a link between his video game habit and his sore wrist … but he should have given up Fortnite a fortnight ago.

The Red Sox probably should stop awarding enormous contracts without writing in stipulations that reduce the risk of injury to the player. Whether it be skydiving, motorcycling — or video games.

Price’s first commitment should be to the team paying him $215 mill. Not to the inner demon telling him he really, really needs to get the controls of Fortnite back in his hands again.


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