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Bobbleheads! Damn You, Frank McCourt

November 21st, 2011 · 1 Comment · Abu Dhabi, Baseball, Dodgers, Lists, The National, UAE

Just when it looked safe — but premature — to get behind the Los Angeles Dodgers again … the club announced a promotional schedule for 2012 … with 10 bobblehead nights, led by a Sandy Koufax doll.

And yes, I would do something as lame as pay $50 for a bad seat to an unappealing game just to get a Sandy Koufax bobblehead.

Frank McCourt, lame duck (we’re told) Dodgers owner, could not have thought of this himself. It’s too inspired.

Steve Dilbeck expands on this over at his Dodgers blog site at the Los Angeles Times.

At the risk of covering some of the same ground, here is what we know about the 10-bobblehead situation:

1. The other nine dolls have yet to be revealed. The Dodgers are going to announce them one at a time. (Again, too clever for Frank.)

2. The club will sell a mini-package including the 10 bobblehead games, and I have no doubt that some people will spend hundreds (or more than a thousand?) dollars to make sure they have tickets to all 10 bobblehead giveaways.

3. It will be hard not to enrich the club while attending a minimum of 10 Dodgers games, because of the bobbleheads, so can we hurry up the process of someone buying out McCourt? It would be easier just to pay for the Dodger Dog and not worry about Frank and Jamie somehow getting a couple of bucks out of the deal.

I’m going to bang out 10 famous Dodgers whom I believe ought to be included in the 2012 bobblehead lineup. Wait, let’s make this even better. Let’s field a whole team! All nine positions!

Here are the 10 Los Angeles Dodgers I believe should be included in a “50th anniversary in L.A.” season — while still giving us a player at each position:

1. Pitcher: Sandy Koufax.

2. Catcher: Mike Piazza.

3. First base: Steve Garvey.

4. Second base: Davey Lopes.

5. Shortstop: Maury Wills. (Can we get him sliding into second base?)

6. Third base: Ron Cey. (I want to see those enormous teeth, too.)

7. Left field: Dusty Baker. (With a sunflower-seed-stretched cheek.)

8. Center field: Willie Davis. (Yes, the Three Dog. He doesn’t have the numbers of some other guys, but he played a long time for some pretty good teams, and modern scholarship has shown that his “ordinary” stats for several seasons in the 1960s were a function of a severely depressed era for offense.)

9. Right field: Reggie Smith.

10. Ooh, tough one. But let’s go with a manager, Walter Alston, to give us a skipper for our all-bobblehead-star team. (Isn’t it ironic that The Quiet Man from Darrtown was followed in the dugout by The Mouth from Norristown”?)

OK. Let’s do one more list of 10. Just the 10 bobbleheads I would like to have, from Los Angeles Dodgers history. As part of this series. No positional gimmicks here.

1. Sandy Koufax.

2. Don Drysdale.

3. Maury Wills.

4. Willie Davis.

5. Ron Cey.

6. Wally Moon. (I’d love to see the bobblehead-makers take a shot at recreating those outta-control eyebrows.)

7. John Roseboro. (You think Koufax pitching, you gotta have No. 8 catching, right?)

8. Wes Parker. (A personal favorite. Elegant fielder, hit a little late in his career.)

9. Walter Alston.

10. Vin Scully. (I want Vinny in my 10 great Dodgers huddle.)

I would like to display those 10 guys on my desk at The National. (Though I fear that the rough-on-equipment cleanup guys would knock them over.)

That list skews toward the 1960s, but that’s the era that has been underrepresented in bobblehead history.

Anyway, here I am, talking about going to Dodgers games when 1) I am on the other side of the world and 2) Frank McCourt still owns the team.

Damn you, Frank McCourt! Why did someone have to come up with this idea when you still have the keys to the house? Leave asap, please.


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  • 1 Joe // Dec 9, 2011 at 2:21 pm

    At least Cey and Drysdale already have had their bobblehead nights, and possibly Garvey, though I am not sure on him.

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