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A Jeopardy! Update

January 16th, 2019 · No Comments · Uncategorized

While in Southern California for these months now, we have been fortunate enough, on several nights, to be staying in a household that watches the game show Jeopardy!, as we do.

We recently saw most of the five-day run of the semi-notorious Jackie Fuchs, former bass player for the Runaways, a 1970s girl group, which was televised a few weeks ago. She then wrote about it for L.A. Magazine.

Her reflections on her appearances on the popular game show prompted me to recall my own, which aired in 1988 — or more than 30 years (!) ago.

This blog post from 2015 takes us through my Jeopardy! appearance, during which I came within a fraction of a second from winning the game.

But seeing Fuchs’s story makes me think about one even bigger void in my Jeopardy! experience.

I do not have videotape of the episode on which I appeared, and I would love to see it.

For one, it would by a reminder of what “1988 me” looked like, and how he behaved in the mini-crucible that is Jeopardy!

Second, it would allow me to have another look at the critical moments in the game, which would be missing a $500 question on the Super Bowl — which I absolutely should have gotten, as a man whose working life was sports — and my “ringing in” a fraction of a second too early in the waning seconds of the game on an answer I would not have missed. (Go to the blog post, above, to see those explained.)

I videotaped a copy of the game on my video-cassette recorder (VCR), which was the cutting-edge technology three decades ago, and carefully labeled it — in case someone was tempted to record something else over it.

I watched it several times, and did screenings for family and friends who might have been interested in it but missed the original showing.

The last memory I have of the tape is loaning it to a curious co-worker. She may well have returned it to me, but I have no further specific recollections of the existence of that cassette.

I have since come to find out that thousands of Jeopardy! episodes are available on the website Mine, however, is not on there. It was Season 5 of the second iteration of the game (its first few years were based in New York) … but the mighty collection of Jeopardy! videos is missing mine. And, apparently, several others from the early years.

In recent years, the fans who curate the website linked in the previous paragraph … have been good about getting everything online.

A former colleague of mine, Andrew Baggarly, can be found there, after his three appearances in 2012. (Bravo, Andy, if I have not already said so.)

But I am in the wind. Me and James Buchanan and Woodrow Wilson.


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